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Vaulter Paylink protects travelers, and their payments!

Aleksandar Sjeničić - CEO YUTA

"We at YUTA are really excited about working with Vaulter! Together, we will protect Serbian travelers with a new, revolutionary Travel Guarantee."

Lars Emil Silvstål - CEO Rebnis

"We have been searching for a new solution for our customers for a long time now, and Vaulter Paylink is exactly what we have been looking for, so I am sure our customers will be pleased "
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What is Vaulter?

Vaulter protects your payments until you confirm that you have received  your product/service from the seller.

For example, Vaulter can protect travelers payment until they check in. That means that that you can receive an instant cash refund if your trip is cancelled.

Also, Vaulter protects your travel company from no-shows, you keep the payment if the customer doesn't show up.

Why Vaulter?

Vaulter was created because there is a real problem relating to trust in payments. Despite all the new digital payment solutions, no one has found a simple way to bridge trust between strangers - that is what we do.

Besides that, we can also make your life easier.

Using Vaulter, the average person no longer has to worry about unserious sellers.

Meanwhile, your company can save substantial amounts by letting Vaulter cut your admin and card costs.

If your company is in the travel industry, Vaulter can help you become compliant with travel regulations.


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How does Vaulter work?


If the trip is canceled, Maria receives an automated chargeback instantly


Peter sends a "Paylink" to Maria to facilitate the payment


Vaulter holds the payment funds until Maria confirms her check-in.



Maria, the traveller

Peter, the booking agent

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