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The safest way to pay and be paid

Vaulter protects you and your transactions, whether you are buying or selling.

Aleksandar Seničić - CEO YUTA

"We at YUTA are really excited about working with Vaulter! Together, we will protect Serbian travelers with a new, revolutionary Travel Guarantee."

Lars Emil Silvstål - CEO Rebnis

"We have been searching for a new solution for our customers for a long time now, and Vaulter Paylink is exactly what we have been looking for, so I am sure our customers will be pleased "
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Vaulter makes
trust happen

It's really simple. When you pay for something with a Vaulter service, that payment is kept safely in our Vault, out of reach from all parties (including us at Vaulter) until the product/service you paid for has been delivered. Once the delivery has been confirmed, the payment is releasedto the seller. This way, you never have to worry about unserious sellers again, as long as they are using Vaulter. Right now, we are mainly applying this technology to set a new travel protection standard in Europe with Vaulter Paylink. With the Vault as our basis, we are protecting travelers from cancelations and unserious companies while securing larger profit margins and reducing risk for good, honest travel businesses.

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Protecing travelers and travel organizers

Paylink is a new payment service for the travel industry meant to protect travelers from cancelations and unserious companies, safeguard companies from no-shows, and increase the profitability of the industry by decreasing admin and card fee costs.


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