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About us - how it all started

"Everything started with a lively discussion around the kitchen table.
We all shared our experiences of booking trips that were then cancelled, the  long wait times for refunds, and the uncertainty of when, if ever, the refunds would come.

The situation got even worse when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world.    Even the large, established companies cancelled trips, and refunds became    even more unreliable. Some Airline companies began issuing travel vouchers  with virtually impossible use-by-dates, and the money seemed to be lost forever.

This is where the idea of Vaulter was born.

20230-11 Robert Simon price besk.jpg

Simon - Pioneer in online training

Simon was one of the first to move personal training to digital channels and scale the service. Instead of being able to manage a maximum of five clients a day, Simon, through his online service, could help hundreds. His visionary work in this area paved the way for others in the fitness industry. The close connection between the end user's needs and the potential of digital tools has provided Simon with invaluable experience now utilized at Vaulter.

Together, Robert and Simon represent the forward-thinking and innovative mindset that is the core of our business. We build our future on a foundation of trust, security, and groundbreaking technological solutions.


Robert - Built PIX in Brazil and combated terror financing

Robert has an impressive background in finance and technology. He played a key role in the creation of PIX in Brazil, a revolutionary payment system inspired by Swish, which has transformed the way transactions are handled on a national level. Additionally, he has worked intensively on developing methods to track and prevent the financing of terrorism, further enhancing the integrity and security of our operations. Everything we do is built on trust and security, which are the cornerstones of our business.


Part of our team


Anders Wiblom
Sales Director Travel

Mijat Ivovic
Coo and Country Manager - Serbia

Ida Ruder
Research and UX

Daniel S 2014.jpg

Emir Kapic

Ciprian Dumitrascu
Interim CTO

Daniel Stankovic


Work with us

As a growing Fintech startup, we are always looking for new team members. Whether you are interested in business or have something innovative and unique to contribute, we would love to see if you fit in with Vaulter. Send us your CV today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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