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We are incredibly excited to announce that Vaulter is one of five Swedish Fintech services that gets tocontinue into the next round of Mastercards Lighthouse Finitiv competition!

The competition, which seeks to find the next standout Fintech gives the contestants great assistance in creating a network of contacts as well as boosting their public profile.

"We aim to use these advantages to the fullest to make sure that we secure the necessary resources and publicity to go global with our services."

-Robert Eirfjell, CEO

When asked about his immediate reaction to the news that Vaulter is going to the next round of the competition, Robert said the following:

"I feel honoured, of course, but I can't say that I'm very surprised. What we do is basically unique, both generally and in this competition specifically. We view this success as a sign of strength, and we are convinced that it will create even more interest from prospective partners and investors"



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