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Yesterday, on the 7th of November, 2023, Vaulter and YUTA (The National association of travel agencies of Serbia) signed an extension and expansion of their previous partner agreement, extending it by five years. In simple terms, the deal intends to transition YUTAS members over to using the Vaulter Paylink payment system. It isn’t just a simple payment system; however, it is also in effect a travel protection scheme that protects both travelers and organizers by keeping the funds of the transactions safe until check-in. Additionally, the payment system has a built-in travel fund that will cover all complications that occur after check-in.

Aleksandar Sjeničić, the CEO of YUTA has expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating the following: “Together, YUTA and Vaulter are taking the first steps in setting a new standard for travel protections in Serbia by protecting both travelers and organizers equally. We are confident that this will be a revolutionary improvement both for our member organizations, travelers, and Serbia as a whole. Vaulter firmly believes that this partnership will be a game changer for travel in and out of Serbia, and will place the country on the map as the fist country in the world to offer full travel protection to their travelers.

However; for Robert Eirfjell, the CEO of Powrs (The company behind Vaulter), Serbia is only the beginning.

“We are excited to have taken this first step in making Vaulter available to as many people as possible. Now that we have come to this agreement, we are setting our sights on expanding further, with the next natural step of course being a similar agreement in Sweden, and the long term goal of setting a Pan-European standard for travel protections.” – Robert Eirfjell, CEO and co-founder of Powrs.

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