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Never worry about the buy
and sell dilemma again!

The buy and sell dilemma occurs whenever you want to buy or sell online. The Buyer doesn't want to pay before receiving the product, and the seller doesn't want to ship the product before receiving the payment. Vaulter Dealmaker solves this problem with the help of the Vault, which holds the funds until both parties are satisfied.

What is
Vaulter Dealmaker?

Dealmaker is a revolutionary new payment app specifically targeted at those wanting to buy and sell between private individuals.
Buy second-hand goods and home crafted trinkets without worrying with Dealmaker!


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Buy everything you need for your hobby with Vaulter

There are many benefits to using Vaulter to buying hobby stuff second-hand, but there are also risks.


Vaulters functions make fraud less profirable, and therefore decreases your risk.


The Vault and our Smart Contracts helps you buy and sell all your nicknacks without being tricked or defrauded.

How does Vaulter app work?

Peter, the seller

1) Negotiate with the buyer

2) See the payment in the Vault

3) Ship the products

4) Get payed when the buyer confirms the delivery

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1) Negotiate with the seller

2) Transfer the money to Vaulters Vault.

3) Receive the product

4) Confirm the delivery

Maria, the buyer

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Trusting is easier with the Vault as your middleman.

The Vault is a secure, special purpose account that holds the funds of the deal out of reach of all parties, including us at Vaulter, until the deal is completed or cancelled. The money is proccesed automatically according to your smart contract once the terms of the deal have been met.

This way, fraud becomes near impossible

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