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Protect your travelers and improve profit margins with Vaulter

What is Vaulter Paylink?

Paylink is the new payment system for your travel business!
Leveraging our three main functions, The Vault, The Fund, and The Payment, we protect your travel company and your customers while improving your profit margins.

The Vault keeps the funds of your payment safely between you and your customer until they check in, or the service is canceled, and processes the payout automatically according to preset conditions.

This means:

  • The business saves time and resources for refunds.

  • The traveler, safe in the knowledge that refunds are instant, will be more willing to book in advance

  • Most issues (80%) that would cause chargebacks occur before check-in, meaning automatic resolution in 80% of cases.

  • Your company is protected from the financial risk of no-shows, you will receive the agreed payment even if the customer doesn't show up.


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Without Vaulter

  • Refunds are costly, time consuming, and complicated.

  • Customers mostly pay by card, meaning expensive card-fees.

  • Your company has to pay a percentage of projected yearly income into a travel guarantee fund.

  • Your company has yet to find ways to become compliant with the upcoming 2024 update of the European Travel Package Directive.

With Vaulter

  • All refunds before check-in are handled automatically, instantly and without extra cost to your company.

  • Using our open banking option cuts out all card costs completely.

  • Your customers pay into the travel guarantee fund  evey time they pay with Vaulter, meaning they shoulder the cost on their own

  • Your company becomes perfectly compliant with the updated version of the TPD with very little effort.

Has your travel business struggled lately?

We can help you.

The travel industry has been shaken to its core since the global outbreak of the Corona virus in 2020. Since then, the industry faces issues of trust, decrease profit margins and coming European travel regulations.

Vaulter Paylink solve all this issues by combining a unique payment systems that protect travelers in 80% of cases while avoiding 80% of chargeback costs, with a new travel guarantee fund that protect travelers in remaning 20% of cases

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Web-form or integrated to your business

Paylink is accessible to those with small businesses as a simple webb-form that creates an email or text-message with a payment link that is sent to your customers. 
Larger businesses can also access Paylink by integrating it into their existing business systems seamlessly, making Paylink your new checkout solution. 

Send Paylinks free
of charge

Onboarding your company with Paylink is absolutely free. 
So is sending Paylinks to customers.  
Customers who chose to protect their payment pay for this protection on their own.

Monitor your sales in real time and gain insights

Vaulter Paylink gives you access to important insights and allows you to track your sales in real time through a simple dashboard.

You can access a more advanced dashboard and control panel if you choose to integrate Paylink with your business system. 


How to integrate
Vaulter into your system

1) Get in touch with our sales team and agree on terms

2) Integrate Vaulter Paylink into your business via API

3) Done! start receiving payments with Vaulter.

How to get started with Paylink on the web

1) Register an account and pass our KYB process

2) Wait for confirmation

3) Done! Start sending pay links with Vaulter

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